Client-centric communication

Learn how to develop an environment of trust with your clients and how to transmit your key messages powerfully and confidently in order to obtain buy-in.  
In business, it’s all about relationships.
Kathy Ireland

Key learnings & practicalities

Acquire the tools needed to get buy-in and convince others better.
Improve your understanding of your clients and their needs.
Ensure that your clients understand the value of what you are proposing.

Target Group

All profiles who would like to increase their impact with internal or external clients


  • 1-day: the essentials
  • 2-day: a deep need
  • ½-day: a plug-in
  • Coaching: for one-on-one and to consolidate learning
  • Webinars: short interactive sessions open to large groups

Languages available

English, French, Dutch, German

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