Psychological safety

To make great things happen, we need to work in a psychologically safe environment. An open and trustful workplace where people engage with each other constructively, without fear of conflict or hidden agendas. A space where everyone dares to speak and stands up for their opinions. 
It is about giving candid feedback, openly admitting mistakes, and learning from each other.
Amy C. Edmondson

Key learnings & practicalities

Understanding yourself: What are your values and drivers? How do you already contribute to creating safe spaces? Understand yourself better so that you can better interact with others.
Psychological safety in action: Experience and understand what a psychologically safe environment is and apply the skills required to create an open environment of trust.
The challenges: Experience the moments where you may find it challenging either to create or be in an environment of psychological safety and how to manage it.
Future-proofing: Define the actions you would like to take in order to start creating safe spaces.

Target Group

Leadership teams, people working with other teams, managers who need to give feedback or teams where you would like to create a top dynamic.


Training possibilities:
  • 2 to 4 hours in team building format 
  • 1-day training course (possible in 2 half days)

Languages available

English, French, Dutch, German
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