Inclusion in action

Practice the skills and mindset needed to take your diversity, and inclusion strategy to the next level. The focus is on leveraging all types of diversity into diversity of thought in order to reach innovation, better decisions and wellbeing.
An inclusive workforce is an environment where all individuals feel that they belong.

Key learnings & practicalities

Understand the strategic importance and wellbeing opportunities and challenges of a diverse workplace. Creating an inclusive environment in your team.
Learn and practice the skills needed to create an enviroment where everyone feels that they belong and are valued for their unique strenghts.
Commit to concrete actions that are linked to your and your company values and objectives.

Target Group

  • Leaders who work in diverse settings 
  • Teams who want to leverage diversity of thought 


  • 1/2-day: the essentials
  • 1-day: a deep need
  • Coaching: for one-on-one and to consolidate learning
  • Webinars: short interactive sessions open to large groups

Languages available

English, French, Dutch
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