Communication for tech profiles: IT and engineering

Do you need to transmit complex technical topics in a clearer, more simple and concise manner? Do you want to increase your level of comfort and confidence when communicating with stakeholders? Do you need to convince stakeholders of your ideas and proposals?
Effective communication is the best way to solve problems.
Bradford Winters

Key learnings & practicalities

You will be more persuasive and increase your ability to get buy-in.
You will be able to make your complex ideas be understood simply.
You will be more comfortable taking the lead in a conversation and transmitting confidence.

Target Group

Pure IT profiles, engineering profiles


  • 1-day: the essentials
  • 2-day: a deep need
  • Coaching: for one-on-one and to consolidate learning
  • Webinars: short interactive sessions open to large groups

Languages available

English, French, Dutch, German

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