Communicating with impact

Do you want to have more impact in meetings or during other key moments where you need to speak up? Impact comes from being confident, clear and impactful about what you need, but also from how well you understand the audience and meet their needs.
Communication, the human connection, is the key to personal and career success.
Paul J. Meyer

Key learnings & practicalities

Increase your ability to have targeted communication moments which reach a result.
Get people to understand what you need or expect from them better and more clearly.
Feel comfortable and confident when taking the lead in a meeting or other key moments.

Target Group

All profiles who need to have more impact during their communication


  • 1-day: the essentials
  • 2-day: a deep need
  • ½-day: a plug-in
  • Coaching: for one-on-one and to consolidate learning
  • Webinars: short interactive sessions open to large groups

Languages available

English, French, Dutch, German

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