Masterclass - Feedback for appraisals

Do you need to hold performance reviews and/or appraisals with your team?
These moments can be challenging. You need to balance appreciation and constructive feedback, and also develop a plan for the development and achievement of business goals. Learn how to ensure these moments are successful and have impact. 

Key Takeaways

  • Create the necessary behavioural change and impact, with key tools such as the 4 C’s model for constructive feedback, and the application of the “behaviour change wheel” from Stralen and West.
  • Use the methods and frameworks to handle the moments of challenging conversations, such as needing to clarify and having further information and context on the situation.
  • Learn the importance and how to create the right environment for these moments of constructive communication. 


  • On-site: Atolo - Avenue de Tervuren 36/18, 1040 Brussels
  • A masterclass covering 1 day from 9:00 to 17:00
  • Agenda
    • English session: 4/07 
    • French session: 11/07
    • Our after-work meetups on 04 & 11/07 starting at 16:00 will be the perfect closing of your training 
  •  Maximum 6 participants